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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the booking agreement of Ibiza Holiday Villas

Booking an accommodation will bring into force the following conditions, which will regulate the lease with mediation of Ibiza Holiday Villas / Lodging Group SL of seasonal accommodation between you as a tenant, hereinafter referred to as client, and the owner of the accommodation. Ibiza Holiday Villas, hereinafter referred to as IHV has the contractual consent of the owner to sign the agreement on his behalf.


1.Reservation and Booking Agreement

Initially all reservations will be formalized through the booking confirmation. The booking acquires validity after that the deposit, consisting of 25%of the total rental amount, has been received by IHV within 7 days. IHV has the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice if the deadline of 7 days has aspired, and the client loses the right to complain or enforce the reservation. Upon receipt of the deposit, the client receives the booking agreement of the booked accommodation. The remaining amount of the rent is either due to be paid into the bank account of IHV a week before arrival or can be paid in either cash or by credit card directly to IHV before handing over the keys. If the reservation has been made for certain villas, the deposit will be 50% of the rent, and must be paid within the term of 7 days. The remaining amount of the rent should in this case be paid thirty-five days before the arrival date.

Payment conditions are specified on the page of the specific villa.


2.Prices and Services

The prices for the accommodation are WEEKLY RENTAL RATES. These prices are, unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation, including all the costs of the use of the property, consisting of VAT (on the mediation service of the lease), normal consumption of water, gas and electricity, bed, bath and kitchen linen and final cleaning.


3.The Breakage Deposit

A deposit must be paid a week before arrival and with certain villas 21 days before arrival by bank transfer as security for compensation for any damage (of all kinds) contained in the rented accommodation that occurs at the hands of the client. This deposit will be fully refunded within 7 days after departure, provided no damage was caused.

Payment conditions are specified on the page of the rented villa.

Reasons for (partly) no return of the deposit:

  • Non-respect of the property, furniture, and equipment.

  • Non-return of all keys handed on arrival

  • Failure to comply with the check out time (unless otherwise agreed: 10:00)

  • Not to leave the property clean and in a tidy fashion (garbage should be taken away, no dirty dishes left behind)


To be able to properly check the condition of the accommodation IHV reserves the right to carry out the necessary verification throughout seven days after the ending of the rental period.



4.Cancellation of the Booking Agreement by the Client

The client has the right to cancel the lease through a written notice to IHV. The date of receipt by IHV determines the cancellation conditions, which shall be as follows:


  1. Before 45 days of the arrival date: 35% of the total rent

  2. Between 30 and 45 days before the arrival date: 50% of the total rent

  3. 29 days or less before the arrival date: 100% of the total rent



5.Obligations of the client

The occupation of the rental accommodation is limited to the number of persons specified in the booking agreement.  IHV can in case of exceeding the permitted number of people, refuse access to the property, without generating any right to compensation, or IHV may decide to increase the rent with an amount based on the price per person per day for the respective property.

The client should comply with community regulations between neighbors and respect local regulations. Organizing parties without adequate municipal license is not allowed in Ibiza. In the case of negligence or inadequate behavior, IHV reserves the right to cancel the booking agreement with immediate effect and without prior notice, which can lead to loss of the deposit and the rent paid by the client.

Pets are only allowed if requested in advance and confirmed by IHV.

All accommodations offered by IVV are intended strictly for vacation. Professional photography, movies, parties, or weddings in and around the accommodation are only allowed with prior written permission of IHV.


6.Change of Accommodation

If due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the competence of IHV, the booked accommodation cannot be used, IHV will notify the client as soon as possible and offer an alternative solution in the form of an accommodation of equal or superior nature. If this happens, before arrival and if the client does not accept the offered alternative, the reservation will be canceled with immediate repayment of the amounts paid, without that, any additional obligations can be attributed to IHV.

If during the stay of the client in the accommodation, due to unforeseen circumstances the accommodation cannot be used as such, IHV will, after consideration of the circumstances and in determining the inability to solve the problems which make a further stay in the accommodation impossible, offer a suitable alternative. In addition, IHV will exercise its mediating role (if necessary by legal means) to claim back the amounts paid to the owner.


7.Incidents and Complaints

Incidents or complaints regarding the rented property must immediately be reported to IHV, IHV will do its utmost, to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If, despite everything, the problem is not satisfactorily resolved, the client must notify IHV through a written notice during the stay with the complaint. Complaints that are reported after departure cannot be considered as such.


8.Check-in and Check-out

On the day of arrival, the accommodation will be available as from 16:00 hours. Check in earlier than 16:00 can be requested and will be honored if it is within the capabilities but can only be confirmed only on the day of arrival.

A few days before the arrival day, the client receives an e-mail from IHV with respect to the contact person and meeting time and place for the check in. This can be at the airport or in an easily to find venue near the property.

Please let us know flight number and arrival time.

Unless IHV and the client have agreed in writing, the client (and all the guests) must leave the accommodation on departure day no later than 10:00.

The client can request a late check out, IHV then will do its best to accommodate the client’s request.



9.Legal Disclaimer

IHV will not be held liable in any way in the following cases:

  1. Irregularities due to third parties like the water supply, electricity, gas, telecommunications, etc.

  2. Discomfort or noise nuisance caused by public or private activities, events, and events outside the area of the rental accommodation.

  3. Loss of or damage to persons or objects in the accommodation and facilities, this is the strict responsibility of the user.

The liability of IHV is limited to his role as mediator. IHV can under no circumstances be held liable for matters of which responsibilities lie with the owners of the property.

IHV keeps a strict control to all accommodation offered, since it is our highest priority to maintain a correct price-quality. The accommodation is therefore subject to constant control. Nevertheless, the liability of IHV is limited to its role as a mediator.

IHV cannot be held liable for matters of which the responsibilities lie with the owner of the accommodation like:

  1. Maintenance of the accommodation

  2. Cleaning of the accommodation

  3. Notification of changes in the offered facilities of the accommodation

Its role of intermediary of IHV between client and owner also implies to be helpful in finding solutions for possible complaints regarding the above stated, provided they have been reported in good time and after assessing the correctness of these.


10.Privacy and cookie policy

Personal data of the client are in all cases only stored if the client books a holiday accommodation with mediation of IHV via or with the written permission of the client. The personal data of the clients are stored by:


Lodging Group SL

C / Historiador Joan Mari Cardona 7

Portal 5 Planta baja 502

07800 Ibiza / Balearic Islands / Spain


Telephone: 0034 971 964 238

Registration number at Consell of Tourism in Ibiza: CR-0019-E

VAT number: B57962656


As from the moment of obtaining of the personal data of the client, Lodging Group SL / IHV is responsible for the compliance with the processing according to the guidelines set out in the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

The purposes, legally required, for which Lodging Group SL / IHV must retrieve, and process personal data of the customer are:

  • The conclusion of the booking agreement between the client and the owner /   lessor of the booked accommodation. Without this personal data, the booking agreement cannot be realized.

  • The conclusion of other agreements, such as there are, car and boat rental, for which the mediation of Lodging Group SL / IHV is requested by the client.

  • Collection of rental amounts from the client and payment to the homeowner / lessor.

  • The collection of damage deposits


Lodging Group SL / IHV undertakes to handle the data provided by the client with the utmost care and to store them securely in its database.

The following personal details will be requested by Lodging Group SL / IHV and stored for the maximum required period:

  • When dealing with a booking request: Name of client, email address and possibly telephone number of the client.

  • For the realization of the booking agreement between client and homeowner / lessor: Name client (main booker), address, email address, telephone number (s) and passport / ID. number. Apart from the name and e-mail address, this data will be removed from the Lodging Group SL database after the end of the financial year.

  • When Lodging Group SL / IHV mediates in the conclusion of another agreement such as car rental: Name, email address and possibly telephone number

  • At check-in at the property: Passport details of all travelers aged 16 and over for the legally required registration in the Guardia Civils’ on-site database. This data will be removed from the database of Lodging Group SL / IHV after registration.

  • To sending newsletters: name and email address. This information will be removed from the database of Lodging Group SL / IHV after being terminated by the client.

The personal data of the client will not be stored by Lodging Group SL / IHV for longer than strictly necessary. The client has the right to check this information at any time, to adjust it and, if required (always in writing by mail to to demand the removal of this data.

For the realization of the lease between the client and the homeowner / landlord, the personal data of the client, insofar as necessary, will be provided by Lodging Group SL / IHV to the homeowner / landlord and stored by the homeowner / landlord for the time necessary for renting the accommodation.

In cases of mediation by Lodging Group SL / IHV in the formation of other agreements (including car rental and boat rental), the privacy and cookie policy of the relevant provider applies. This means that the responsibility for the correct treatment within the meaning of the Data Protection Act is transferred to the relevant provider. Personal data of the client will only be provided to the providers, after the client has indicated that he wants to make use of the services of the provider in question.


11.Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

When booking an accommodation, the above general conditions, on the lease for seasonal accommodation will apply. On all matters not described in these conditions, the Spanish legislation will apply. The parties expressly disclaim any other jurisdiction and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ibiza for solving all problems arising from the application and interpretation of this contract.


12. House rules

  • At arrival, an appointment will be made with the client about the hour of check out (at the latest 10.00). We ask you kindly to be ready for departure, the house tidied, no garbage and empty bottles left in the property. To have all remote controls from for example TV, Air-conditioning etc. on the same spot as on arrival day. You don´t have to take out the sheets from the beds. We will check the property together with you. In case the property is not accordingly tidied up and because of that, the cleaning team has extra work we will have to charge you for the extra cleaning by withholding this from the damage deposit.

  • Since water is scarce, we ask you to care not to abuse it. It might happen that due to a malfunction, the water supply is temporarily disconnected, if this is the case, please let us know, and we will do our best to find a solution. In most cases, the tap water is not drinkable. We advise you to buy drinking water in the supermarkets.

  • The same implies for the use of electricity, often the electrical installation is not built for the use of all electrical equipment at the same time. Moreover, if wrongly used will result in malfunctions.

  • Please don´t leave the pool lights on in the daytime. The lights will break when overheated. For this reason, in some villas owners have installed time clocks.

  • Don´t use air conditioning when the doors and windows are open. If you turn on the air conditioning 10 minutes before you go to bed, it is enough to have a cool bedroom. Normal temperature is between 21 and 23 C, colder is unnecessary, you overload the electrical system, and it is not good for your health.

  • We strongly advise you to close windows and doors properly when leaving the property or before going to bed and to close the sunshades when you are not using them or when it´s windy. We must withhold part of the damage deposit in case of broken sunshades.

  • Ibiza has lots of humidity at night, it also can rain, please take cushions from the sunbeds and chairs to a covered place at night, and during rainfall, so you will be able to use them again when the weather improves.

  • The use of a barbecue is only allowed with a fixed one, Spanish Law forbids loose barbecues from May 1 to October 31. Please leave the barbecue clean at departure-

  • It is better to dispose garbage on a regular basis, especially because of the heat and attraction to insects. All along the roads, you can find garbage disposal containers. (Glass, paper and plastic separated please)

  • Please don´t change the channels of the satellite or TV.

  • Unfortunately, also Ibiza knows an increasing crime scene, for this be alert on your properties and close windows and doors always properly also, when you are at the pool. If the property has an alarm system use it in a good manner and when at the beach don´t, leave your bags unattended. Don´t leave valuables in sight in your car or at the property.

  • It is not allowed to have “Parties” in the villa, garden or at the pool. The police might be notified for noise or disturbances from the villa caused by you, the fines can be extremely high.



Ibiza , August 2014/ November 2018

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