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Rental of yachts, sail boats and day cruisers


Yachts , Daycruisers and
Sail boats

A holiday in Ibiza is not complete without a visit to the sister island Formentera with its beautiful bays and beaches and a variety of good restaurants. Enjoy the beautiful blue of the Mediterranean, drop anchor in the small bays and float on the calm sea. But the coastline of Ibiza is of course also very beautiful and from the water you see the island from a different perspective and you can easily visit hard-to-reach beaches.


Many of our guests rent a yacht, day cruiser or sailboat for a day or longer to go to Formentera or to explore the Ibiza coast. We work together with a company specialized in boat charters, all boats are well equipped and have the necessary permits and insurance and of course with an excellent service. This company has its boats in the marinas of Ibiza Town, from Ibiza Town it is the shortest route to Formentera. Prices range from € 700 per day for a simple boat in the low season to about € 10,000 per day for a luxury yacht with crew in the high season. Prices do not include VAT and petrol.


If you are interested in renting a boat during your stay in Ibiza, please fill out the form, the boat category and price range and we will send you some nice options.

Formentera Playa Illetas

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Playa Illetas Ibiza

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           San Antonio

Starboats is a fun alternative to sail and you do not need a license for these types of boats. Prices are affordable and include VAT and petrol. The boats have a capacity for six people and are equipped with a cooler, sunscreen and water staircase. The prices are € 180 for a half day in the morning or in the afternoon so that you can enjoy the sunset. It is also possible to reserve the boat for a whole day and then it costs € 300. With Starboats you can explore the entire San Antonio bay, such as Port des Torrent, Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, the small islands and on the other side of the bay, Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta. To book they ask a small deposit for more information and reservation you can click in the link.



        Boat rentals Ibiza

In Ibiza you can also sail in nice pimped up old fishing boats (LLauts) with a capacity for 6 people from Benirras and also from the harbor in Formentera (La Savina). A fantastic alternative to explore the beautiful northern coastline. Enjoy sailing to the small pristine bays. With these boats you do not need a license and the boats are equipped with a sunshade, cooler and you can also listen to your favorite music. There are various rental options, 4 hours or 8 hours but also 2 hours during the sunset. Prices from € 180, -, for further information and reservations you can click the link. Renting a boat at Bohemian Boat Rentals guarantees a unique Ibiza experience.

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