To rent a villa or house in Ibiza has its advantages, spending quality time together, having lunch or dinner at the pool, relaxation and enjoying an authentic stay. Often renting a villa is cheaper than hotel accommodation and you will enjoy privacy and the freedom to spend the day in any way you want.

To make it easier for you to find your villa we have divided the villas and houses in the number of bedrooms, we have villas spread all over the island and in various price ranges. From houses for a smaller budget to century olden fincas to luxury villas.


To rent a villa in Ibiza you are at the right address. Booking is simple, use the contact form at the villa, send us your dates and we will reply as quickly as possible. If your holiday house of your liking is not available, we will send you some suitable alternatives.


Villas up to 4 persons 

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Villas up to 10 persons 

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Villas up to 6 persons 


Villas from 12 persons 


Villas up to 8 persons 


Luxury villas