COVID Information

COVID situation in Ibiza

At the moment we have passed the third wave in Ibiza, with an current incidence of 8 COVID infections per 100,000 inhabitants, much lower than the 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants that are considered safe by the EU.


In Ibiza, where tourism is the main source of income, it is important to keep this figure as low as possible. The local government has instituted the following for this:


  • A mandatory negative PCR Test on arrival both by air and by boat

  • Mouth masks are mandatory on the public road and in public areas, with the exception of the beaches and terraces


Further measures that also apply in your home countries such as:

  • Keep your distance

  • Wash hands regularly

  • And in case of complaints, contact number +3490040061 / +34900101863

PCR Tests at your villa

A negative PCR test will probably be compulsory this summer when returning to the UK ,Ireland and USA. That is why we would like to introduce you to Salutlabs SL. The Salutlabs team comes to the villa by appointment to take the PCR test from all guests and fortunately not with a nose rod but by means of a saliva sample. The test results are available within 24 hours and you will receive them by email including a travel certificate. The testing does not take longer than 15 minutes and after that you can enjoy your day without any worries.

For more information regarding Salutlabs click the link

PCR Test with travel certificate  € 135,-


Antigene test € 60,-

We can offer you a € 10,- discount for the PCR test , please book via this link 

Book your test and timeslot well in advance, you can book individually or for your entire party.

2020 has been a disaster for Ibiza, many companies are still struggling to keep their heads above water, but it also has been tough on homeowners. Many of our homeowners are dependent on this income, so we hope that you choose to reschedule the holiday instead of canceling, as you help the homeowners but you also help us. The CORONA support by Spain to companies and individuals is a long way from the support that companies receive in other countries.

Our special reservation and cancellation conditions during the COVID pandemic

On a large selection of our villas you now pay only 10% when booking


The remaining payment as follows: before arrival by bank or on the day of arrival with cash or credit card


If there is code red in the country of origin or in Ibiza, you will get the deposit back


If there are travel restrictions such as a quarantine requirement in the country of origin or in Ibiza, you can reschedule the holiday


You must be in possession of all required documents required by the government to travel, not being in possession of the relevant documents is no reason for cancellation


If you are interested in a villa, we will inform you of the reservation and cancellation conditions of the house in question


For all other reasons for cancellation, our standard cancellation policy will remain in effect, and we recommend that you take out annual travel insurance